Chú chó nhịn đói 7 ngày để chờ người giải cứu bạn bị mắc kẹt

Hunger, cold, fear, and selfishness cannot overcome the love they have for each other.The owner’s family was worried when the two dogs did not come home in the evening, so they contacted the Vashon Island Pet Protection Association. Volunteers searched the island for days; but they found no trace of the two dogs.

After about a week of searching, they finally got a clue. Amy Carey, lifeguard for the Animal Welfare Association, said the rescue team received information that; A farmer in the area noticed a sepia dog on his property. He said the dog had quietly approached him; and when he recognized it and then noticed it, it turned away toward a nearby ravine.

Amy decided to go check the situation. And that’s when she made the most moving discovery:

“When I got there and looked down the ravine, Tillie saw me but she didn’t run up. It just stayed near the edge of the well, then pressed its head very close to the mouth of the well. Apparently it was a signal that I had to get close to it in order to see something; And suddenly that was his friend.”

Tình bạn trung thành cảm động lòng người

It is the kindness and devotion of friendship in a dog that saves a life.Not long after, Amy discovered Phoebe the dog trapped at the bottom of the well; She understood everything. Amy went on to say, “When I saw what was happening, tears fell from my eyes immediately. It was so touching!”.

Amy has witnessed the kindness and devotion in a dog’s friendship. For a week there was nothing to eat but some rainwater to drink; Tillie persisted in staying by her friend’s side and trying to seek help from humans.

The dog is aware that the fate of his poor friend is in his hands; and if it leaves you to go home, the probability of finding Phoebe is almost certain.

After a week in the wild, the two dogs fasted for seven days in a row, but they were still amazingly healthy. Although they eat almost nothing, they can still survive while waiting for help.

Chú chó nhịn đói 7 ngày để chờ người giải cứu bạn bị mắc kẹt

Two dogs are happy to be reunited with their owners.Amy recounts the reunion of the two dogs with the family:

“When we were rescued, we were overjoyed. Tillie is very gentle. When you hear the owner’s voice from afar, you can see their joy. It’s touching, but we shouldn’t surprise ourselves because what we’ve always known about dogs is great loyalty. We feel very happy to be fully rescued.”

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