A Dog Who Was Sad Because Her Previous Family Had Given Her To An Animal Shelter, Does Not Hide Her Happiness At Being Adopted

After being turned over by her owner, the dog named Ava made her way to the Hoke County Animal Shelter in North Carolina, USA. The dog was heartbroken at the time and had a sorrowful expression on her face from her inability to comprehend why her life had taken such an unexpected turn.

Truth be told, the only life he had ever known ended, but he never imagined that this moment would mark the start of his happiness.

When sad Ava arrived, shelter employee Kristi Pylant was there, and her broken-hearted demeanor truly struck her large heart.

Since then, the lady has made the decision to do all in her ability to lift Ava’s spirits and allay her concerns.

Kristi stated to The Dodo:

“It was reasonable that I felt horribly scared and depressed. We grew close after spending time with each other.

Slowly but surely, Kristi’s efforts started to bear fruit, and the amiable Ava started to emerge and grin once more.

The dog’s damaged heart was beginning to mend owing to the patience of her carers, but this was not the greatest solution. A visitor to the shelter had the good fortune to learn about Ava’s tale and fall in love with her right away.

The visitor didn’t hesitate to go through the adoption procedure since he was confident he could provide her the loving home she so desperately needed.

Sweet Ava made it plain that she was aware of what was occurring, and it appeared that her poor luck had entirely changed. Kristi had always been there to greet the sad animals, but this time she was there to bid the joyful pup go.

Even in the midst of her delight, Ava took a moment to express her gratitude to Kristi since she was so happy and couldn’t help but grin.

Ava unexpectedly offered her tiny paw to her devoted caretaker in appreciation for all the affection she had shown her.

As Kristy said:

She was really kind to extend her paw to me after she was adopted.

Ava first thought her life had been destroyed when she got to the shelter, but it was really only a halt on the way to achieving genuine happiness for all time.


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