A Brave Man Decided To Jump Onto A Frozen River To Save A Lonely Little Bear And Now He Is Safe And On His Way To A Speedy Recovery At A Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

While visiting West Virginia with his friends and family, Elijah Barkley had no idea that he would wind up saving a little bear’s life.

Barkley was stopped by a ranger and a bear keeper as he was returning to camp from the river. They requested his assistance in looking for a lone bear.

It appears that this tiny bear was an orphan who found it quite challenging to survive on his own.

It did not take long for Barkley to spot the bear after going down the route.

Barkley stated to The Dodo:

We drew nearer to him, but he made no attempt to move, so it appeared that he was either totally worn out or that something was amiss. He remained there.

The youngster seemed to be about to collapse, and Barkley quickly informed the ranger and bear keeper.

Joel Rosenthal, a bear keeper who also manages Point of View Farm, Inc., a wildlife rehabilitation facility, rescued the tiny bear primarily with the aim of bringing him to the facility to be saved.

Barkley saved the bear, who was about to die because he was too fatigued to lift his head above the water.

Barkley went into action as he realized the bear’s predicament, watched the bear’s head fall into the water, and promptly grabbed it by the back of the neck and dragged it toward the beach.

Barkley remarked:

“I didn’t consider the hazards since all I could think about was getting to the bear as quickly as I could.”

Before it was too late, Barkley waded across the slick boulders on the riverside and dove into the chilly water to reach the cub.

I brought it to Rosenthal right away to get it looked at.

The bear was sedated and placed in Rosenthal’s truck while being covered in towels.


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