A Big Dog From A Careless Owner Bit And Paralyzed This 8 Month Old Puppy

It’s a pea! He only has 8 months old and 2.1 kg of weight. He came under attack from big dogs. The large dogs bit him, paralyzing him from the neck down.

According to Animal Shelter, a staff member at a tiny Moscow veterinary clinic made the request for an ambulance. He was teie ра when they took him to the veterinarian.

Following the emergency sugery, Pea received medical attention from the vet.

Pea began to feel a little better a few days later and began to eat more and sleep better.

Pea is a very kind and intelligent boy who is getting better every day with the right care. He emerges as an upbeat young boy.

Pea has two front legs and can walk all day. Pea is at ease in her brand-new wheelchair.

I sincerely appreciate everything. Thank God, he blessed the pea. sweetest pea
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