8 Prettiest And Majestic Horse Breeds In The World

8 Prettiest And Majestic Horse Breeds In The World

Before carrying on with the video, I would like to point out a very interesting fact about horses. Do you know how many nationally recognized horse breeds are out there in the world? Horse Faq’s has made a prediction that there are around 350 nationally recognized horses and 100 pony breeds.

If we speak about the unrecognized ones, this number is probably a few times bigger. As you can see, there is a huge number of different horse breeds in the world, all of them having their differences and similarities, however, we are bringing here a list made by Origins Explained Youtube channel with some of the most distinctive ones from this huge group.

What is most interesting is the fact that different horse breed raters are very similar in their selection since the majority of the breeds listed are similar for all of them. Check out the world’s rarest horse breeds ever!

From amazing and expensive horses to the most beautiful and biggest horses, check out this top 10 list of rarest horses on earth!  We would like to know your opinion about which one do you like the most and why? Let us know by simply dropping a comment in the comment section.

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